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4 Years of learning packed into 101 pages of fun for all young kids from Grade R to Grade 3 who are curious to learn. It includes all aspects of CAPS curriculum and then some. Posters; Learning the Alphabet; Counting; Writing; Colours; Shapes; About Me (Who I am); My Body; My Family; My Friends; My Home; My Garden; Time – Days of the Week; Months of the Year; Songs; Rhymes; Health and Hygiene; Safety (in the Home; Outdoors; around Water, on the Playground; on Roads); In the Classroom; Money; South Africa; Nature, Animals in the wild and Nature Conservation; Food Chains; Habitats; Farm Animals. Emotions, Senses; Weather; History (Prehistoric Caveman and Dinosaurs), Opposites; Professions; Routines; Shapes; Space; Fun Facts; The Circus and Cultural Diversity. It also includes some fun activities like scavenger hunts, games and crafts, each containing step-by-step instructions as well as teaching aids for teachers struggling to find new worksheets to stimulate their students. All pages can be taken out and used as and when required.

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