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The new formal assessment task, the project for term 3. This version of the task is out of 60 marks. There are different sections that the learners need to complete. The topic is their favourite song or songwriter. They need to do research about their favourite song and or songwriter and then answer specific questions. Thereafter they must copy down and decorate, poster style their favourite song. Then the learner must write their own song/poem, this is the written part of the task. The last part of the task is where the learners need to present a prepared speech about their favourite songwriter and song. All rubrics are self-made and according to the requirements of the task. However, the rubrics and task can easily be adapted or changed to suit different learners or topics etc. The task can be handed out and asked for on a given date, or done section by section and then compiled to add the total marks together. This task can be used for grade 8 and 9 as well as English additional language.

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Grade 7 project for term 3

July 26, 2021 Magda van der Merwe

The idea in this resource is good. However, I did not find the layout and lack of visuals very inviting. Compared to similar tasks such as the Grade 6 creative writing project (Folktales, Myths and legends) from The Bee Box CT (price R20) I found that R60 for this resource was pricey.