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A comprehensive worksheet pack to complete FATS in compliance with CAPS for the first term of grade 2 in the subject of English first Language.

Included below are the activities that you will have access to when purchasing this worksheet pack.

Listening and Speaking :

Talks about personal experience – Tells news
Listens to instructions and responds appropriately
Listens to a story and answers questions related to the story
Tells a story that has a beginning, middle and an end


Identifies letter/sound relationship of all single letters
Recognises common consonant blends at the beginning and the end of words (sh/ch/th)
Recognises wh at the beginning of words
Uses beginning and end consonant blends to build up and break down words
Recognises vowel consonant blends (such as oo,oa)


Interprets pictures to make up a story
Reads books with the teacher and describes the main idea
Read aloud using sight words and phonics structural decoding skills when reading


Forms 26 upper and lower case letters correctly
Copies and writes 2 or more sentences from the board legibly

Creative Writing:

Draws pictures to convey a message
Writes at least 3 sentences of own news or creative story

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