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Challenge 9

‘Match Of The Day’ helps you remember how to spell tricky ‘ough’ words

Challenge 10

‘Round The World In 24 Hours’. Reinforces Some More Tricky Words, including ‘cess’ in princess and ‘igh’ in high.

Spelling need not be dull. Learn to spell tricky words with Zoggy, is a fun spelling aid to encourage children aged 7-11 years to enjoy learning to spell.

This series of work packs include 12 graded spelling challenges to work through, with spelling tests. They concentrate on those words or sound patterns that consistently cause problems.

To help cement these ‘tricky words’ into young minds, we meet again our quirky alien character, Zoggy – with his cartoons, his zany messages back to planet Zen and his ridiculous rhymes and mnemonics.

These packs use a multi sensory approach.

1. Say the word
2. Repeat the rhymes
3. Sound it out
4. Read it
5. Write it
6. Cover and spell again

Use the method that work for you.

12 pages

Watch the preview video below, for a sneak peak at this fantastic series…

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