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Handwriting is a complex process. Many aspects go into writing, of which proper letter formation is one piece of the puzzle. When letters are not formed correctly, handwriting suffers. Poor letter formation leads to handwriting that is sloppy, slow, and often hard to read. When letter formation becomes an automatic process, a child can write without thinking about “how” to form each letter and pay more attention to the task at hand. When letters are formed correctly, children are less likely to reverse their letters (writing letters the wrong way around) when writing.

When teaching correct letter formation, multi-sensory handwriting strategies play an essential role. This resource is a fun way to practice the proper letter formation. Use a small car to drive on the road to practice each letter, use a finger to trace the letter, or a whiteboard marker to trace on the laminated surface of each letter. Remember that letters should start in the right place and be formed correctly. Also, remember to encourage writing the letters in tactile mediums like sand, jelly, foam, etc.

The resource can be printed in A4 and A3, providing a large surface area to practice letter formation (for younger learners). Smaller-sized letters are also provided and can be cut out, laminated, and used to build words. Words can then be practiced by playful tracing the lines and practicing the correct letter formation. Both uppercase letters and lowercase letters are included in this resource.

68 Printable pages.

This resource is available in English and Afrikaans. WriteAbility

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