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Play Sight Word BINGO with up to 8 players.

This game reinforces the recognition of 25 sight words typically introduced at the beginning of Grade 1.

They are:
this a it are am she me we the is an I he they my us go play talk sleep

Each player has their own game board.
There are 25 word cards that need to be cut out individually and laminated.
In addition, you will need some counters.

To play, place the loose words face-down. The first player chooses a word. S/he reads the word.
If anyone has that word on their game board they put a counter on that word. The word is then put aside and the next player chooses a word.
The winner of the game is the first person to cover all the words on their game board.
Alternatively, the game can continue until all words have been read.

Printing Tips:
Cut out the 25 words and laminate them. The 8 game boards should stay intact, and be laminated. Play And Learn

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