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Review Literacy with this interactive Power Point game.
Divide class in two groups, Team A and Team B.
Each team has 9 questions and can choose randomly which question number they would like to answer.
Click on the red outer rim of the dart board. A question screen will open.
Click on the answer box. A „correct” or „incorrect” box will appear.
Click on the „correct” or „incorrect” box.
When answered correctly, proceed to next question for the other team.
When answered incorrectly, a slide will appear to reveal that a broken arrow must be recorded.
Click on „record”.
A score board will appear. Click on a button and a broken arrow score will appear.
Click on „proceed” to go back to the question slide.
The team with the least broken arrows win!

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Literacy Gr 4 review game
Power Point – in total 25 slides