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  • Hi, We are Sally and Amanda from Guinea Pig Education.

    We present a range of complimentary teaching aids and workbooks to use in your classroom or as homework – in both print and digital format.

    We aim to raise reading standards and to develop literacy skills, with our ‘fun for kids’ phonic reading resources.

    We also offer support for pupils aged 4-16 years. We highly recommend our comprehension and creative writing resources – which build confidence and develop imagination.


April 15, 2020 Desi den Hollander Out And About: Get Going With Creative Writing (And Other Forms Of Writing) 7-12 years

I've just downloaded this and I'm already planning to use it! What an incredible resource. It flows so beautifully and is jammed packed with fun, creative activities. My learners are going to have so much fun and learn a ton in the process.