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December 29, 2021 GogoB Social Sciences: Geography first page worksheet. Intermediate phase – term 1

What a fun first sheet

Continuous tense cheat sheet gr 6 revision

December 29, 2021 GogoB English – Freebie – Continuous Tense Summary Handouts, Activities and Memos – Intermediate Phase

Concise. Very helpful. I am a Mrs Morgie fan

Finite and infinite verbs

December 29, 2021 GogoB English PowerPoint: Finite and Infinitive Verbs – Intermediate Phase

Excellent PowerPoint Presentation

Summary worksheets

December 29, 2021 GogoB English Freebie Non-fiction summary worksheets

Highly recommended. Most useful

The final straw infographic

July 26, 2021 Magda van der Merwe English H.L. – Formal Assessment: Visual text -The Final Straw Infographic – Intermediate Phase

Thank you! Well presented, appropriate material that will save a busy teacher a few hours!

Thank you Mrs Morgie.

January 12, 2021 Katie Morgan English prepared reading task and rubric Term 1 Intermediate phase

Great freebie! Love it. Thanks so much!