Teacha! Terms of Use

By making use of the Teacha! website and marketplace, you agree with the following terms and conditions. We may update the Terms of Use at any time.

Being a Teacha! Seller

  • All teacher-created resources will be uploaded by the seller who created the materials.
  • It is the seller’s responsibility to ensure that the resource has featured images.
  • Teacha Sellers can, at any time, remove their resources from the Teacha! website by deleting it from their Seller Dashboard.
  • Teacha! Payouts occur every 2nd month (January, March, May, July, September, November) if the total commission earned during the period exceeds R500.
  • Should your resources not have all the required information such as the relevant curriculum and subject, this will result in your payout being temporarily paused until these fields are updated.
  • Sellers are able to track commission earned on their Dashboard.
  • Sellers set their own prices, although these prices may not be below R10. Teacha! reserves the right to change the minimum amount at any time. You may not charge more for a resource that is offered for free or less elsewhere.
  • Sellers must indicate whether a third-party app is needed (e.g. Prezis, PowerPoint, word) to use a resource or if it’s based on a specific book that may need to be purchased (e.g. Platinum or a storybook that isn’t freely available).
  • Sellers are responsible for ensuring resources are free from faults. If a resource isn’t working, the seller will be notified and will have two days to fix the resource. If the resource is not corrected within two days, the seller may forfeit the commission for the sale.
  • Commission of 35% is payable to Teacha! on every resource sold.
  • Your store and resources may not contain links, email addresses or phone numbers or requests to contact you personally for sales.
  • Teacha! has the right to edit a resource’s metadata excluding pricing, without the sellers consent.


  • Copyright on products sold is owned by the Seller.
  • It is the Seller’s responsibility to ensure that all images and information contained in their resources does not breach any copyright and that all work is their own.
  • In the event that a copyright breach is reported, the resource will be removed immediately and be investigated with the concerned seller.
  • In the event that Teacha! finds a breach in any of the Terms of Use, the seller store may be closed by Teacha! and the seller may be prohibited from selling resources on Teacha!
  • Teacha! does not take any responsibility for copyright breaches by sellers on the website.
  • Teacha! has the right to remove any resources hosted on the platform.

Making use of Teacha! content

  • No material hosted on Teacha! may be reproduced without consent from Teacha or the concerned seller. This includes, but is not limited to images, articles and links.
  • Sellers may have different terms of use for making use of their resources (such as copying a worksheet for a classroom).
  • Teacha! does not take responsibility for any damage caused by resources downloaded from the Teacha! website such as malware.
  • It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that they have the appropriate software to open and to make use of the resources sold on Teacha!

Community Guidelines

  • Advertisers on Teacha! are not necessarily endorsed by Teacha!
  • Teacha! will never sell or distribute contact details gathered from the shopping process.

Payment & Refunds