Back-to-school CBC Resources

It’s a new school year and we have everything you need! These back-to-school CBC resources are perfect for preschool to upper primary children.

KCPE and KCSE exam resources

It’s exam time again. But there’s no need to stress! This collection of KCPE and KCSE exam resources has everything you need to succeed.

Free CBC resources

This collection contains free CBC resources created by teachers and is aligned to Kenyan CBC from Pre-primary to Upper primary level.

Upper primary Term 1 CBC resources

Here’s a collection filled with fun, engaging CBC resources to help you prepare your lessons for Term 1. Your Grade 4, 5, and 6 students will enjoy interacting with these resources while developing core competencies.

Lower primary Term 1 CBC resources

We have created this CBC resources collection to make your first term that much easier! This CBC-aligned collection will help you set your students up for a successful Term 1. There are plenty of resources to use in your lessons, including posters, worksheets, and flashcards. These fun resources are sure to keep your Grade 1, […]

Pre-primary Term 1 CBC resources

We’ve got your Term 1 covered with these resources. This collection offers several CBC resources for your pre-primary 1 and 2 students, keeping them engaged throughout your lessons. From posters to flashcards and activity books, this collection saves you heaps of preparation time.

Core competencies: communication and collaboration

Enhance communication skills while promoting teamwork. This collection includes resources about the core competencies: communication and collaboration.

Core competencies: critical thinking and problem solving

Motivate students to think critically and find solutions. This collection of teaching resources for core competencies: critical thinking and problem solving.

Core competencies: self-efficacy

Encourage your students to become self-sufficient with this collection. These teaching resources promote self-efficacy and will help your students become more confident.

Core competencies: citizenship

Help your students appreciate differences so that they accept others. This core competencies: citizenship collection includes resources that promote diversity.

Core competencies: creativity and imagination

Elevate your students’ thinking with these fun, interactive resources for the core competencies: creativity and imagination.

Core competencies: digital literacy

The world is becoming digitised – don’t leave your students behind. This core competencies: digital literacy collection promotes technology in your classroom.

Core competencies: learning to learn

Learning is more than retaining information; it’s about awareness. This core competencies: learning to learn collection includes resources that promote self-awareness.

CBC learning resources

Use these CBC learning resources to guide and support learners in developing their innate abilities, talents, and skills.