Core competencies: citizenship

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Help your students appreciate their differences so they can accept one another and others around them. We’ve bundled this collection of teaching resources to help you promote diversity and inclusion.

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Climate Change and Shopping : Comprehension with Questions + Memo. Gr7-9 Eng H/1st/2nd Lang. + more


This Resource is a Comprehension about how Norway has placed a ban on goods and products that contribute towards deforestation across the globe. They claim that it all starts when we shop for seemingly 'innocent' and 'normal' goods such as chocolate, beef, wood etc. This worksheet is a 2 page sheet of information, including 14 questions which have marks allocated per question to total a sum of 30 for the entire piece. Included is the Memorandum plus extension activity of word building (creating words from a puzzle which has a scrambled up array of letters which makes up a 9 letter word). Children have to make as many words as they can from the original word. Easy way to keep those busy who finish the comprehension first. Even if it is a homework event, the wordbuilding is a good way to extend their vocabulary. Included in the comprehension is a word list in a side panel which relates to words underlined in the text, making it absolutely easy for 2nd language or FAL learners to work independently and without hindrance (furthermore keeping potential noise levels down as there is less of a need to ask peers for word meanings). In the Memorandum, the questions have been re-inserted so as to make marking easier so that there's less of a need to flip through questions on the comprehension sheet separately. Easy peasy. Can be used any term, for exams or simply to practise throughout the year. The topic is very relevant to our experience today and the levels of questions are varied so as to ensure that there is a good mix / ability range. Suitable for parents of children who are home schooled.