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Primary School


English Grade 6 Literature Project [60]


Look no further for the Grade 6 Literature project for term 3. The genre is Lyrics and Poetry with 'The Seasons' as an overall theme.

Includes all three stages of the Literature project: Research (10), Writing (30) and Oral (20) as required by the adapted ATP.  The resource uses guided research and templates to assist learners with challenges as well as assist where resources might be limited. The Oral presentation can be adapted to allow more indapendant research to be done by the learner. The resource includes:
  • Link to song for Listening Comprehension.
  • Poem for Reading Comprehension.
  • Comparison table for lyrics and poetry.
  • Rubrics for writing -and oral task.
  • Mind map for planning the writing task.
  • Frame for writing the oral to guide learners with challenges.
Detailed description: Learners are asked to do research and answer a certain research question. The research phase starts with a listening comprehension of a song. Then learners read a poem and compare the lyrics and poem in a table format. They then investigate and create their own flashcards about a figure of speech which can be used later in the oral. They are required to reference all the sources they used. In the Writing phase learners uses a mind map to plan their own lyrics and are taught a method to find rhyme words. In the Oral, all their findings are presented and their own lyrics are presented and recited to the class. A great deal of love and effort went into creating this resource and enables the single use to the purchaser to use in their classroom or home school. Happy learning and teaching! Learner Expedition    

High School


Poetry Pack Bundle - Grade 12 English HL 2023 NSC Prescribed Poetry


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This bundle contains poetry packs of all 12 prescribed poems for grade 12 Home language students.

While each poetry pack within the bundle is designed to engage students in a unique and exciting way they all contain the following elements:

  • A comprehensive Powerpoint Presentation with a line-by-line analysis and some questions for class discussion. These presentations can easily be edited to suit individual classroom needs.
    Blank and annotated copies of the poems to suit the needs of all types of classrooms and studies
  • Pre-reading and post-reading activities that will allow students to engage with the content on a deeper level
  • Analysis worksheets using effective methods such as TP-CASTT and SMILE
    Worksheets on the poet that can also be used as classroom posters

Some other exciting activities that are included:

  • Comparative worksheets and poems
  • Mindmapping activities
  • Various forms of classroom discussion activities such as Jigsaw Activities and Socratic Seminars.

All poetry packs have been designed to suit a variety of classrooms, teachers, students, and homeschooling parents and aim to make studying this selection engaging and comprehensive. The activities and worksheets focus on improving 21st-century skills such as creativity, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Poems included in this pack:
  • Sonnet 130 - William Shakespeare
  • The child who was shot dead by soldiers in Nyanga - Ingrid Jonker
  • At a funeral - Dennis Brutus
  • Poem of Return - Jofre Rocha
  • Talk to the Peach Tree - Sipho Sepamla
  • Prayer to Masks - Léopold Sédar Senghor
  • This Winter Coming - Karen Press
  • Solitude - Ella Wheeler Wilcox
  • The Morning Sun is Shining - Olive Schreiner
  • It is a beauteous evening, calm and free - William Wordsworth
  • Fern Hill - Dylan Thomas
  • The Shipwreck - Emily Dickinson

Not interested in all 12 poems? No problem! Each poetry pack can also be purchased individually.