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Look no further for the Grade 6 Literature project for term 3. The genre is Lyrics and Poetry with ‘The Seasons’ as an overall theme.

Includes all three stages of the Literature project: Research (10), Writing (30) and Oral (20) as required by the adapted ATP.  The resource uses guided research and templates to assist learners with challenges as well as assist where resources might be limited. The Oral presentation can be adapted to allow more indapendant research to be done by the learner.

The resource includes:

  • Link to song for Listening Comprehension.
  • Poem for Reading Comprehension.
  • Comparison table for lyrics and poetry.
  • Rubrics for writing -and oral task.
  • Mind map for planning the writing task.
  • Frame for writing the oral to guide learners with challenges.

Detailed description: Learners are asked to do research and answer a certain research question. The research phase starts with a listening comprehension of a song. Then learners read a poem and compare the lyrics and poem in a table format. They then investigate and create their own flashcards about a figure of speech which can be used later in the oral. They are required to reference all the sources they used. In the Writing phase learners uses a mind map to plan their own lyrics and are taught a method to find rhyme words. In the Oral, all their findings are presented and their own lyrics are presented and recited to the class.

A great deal of love and effort went into creating this resource and enables the single use to the purchaser to use in their classroom or home school.

Happy learning and teaching!

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