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Resource Description

This resource takes a detailed look at the world of advertising (online / visual adverts) with similarities in print media (the latter being the children’s own research project).

  • 7 Key factors are given for online media on television or online / on screen on devices
  • 2 adverts are included for close perusal and discussion in class (coke vs beer)
  • Children can discuss issues such as colour / style / words / simplicity vs sophistication / emotions of the coke advert which contain words such as ‘everywhere’ to indicate that coke is the most widely consumed drink whereas the beer advert we know are restricted to adults, the ‘joke’ is also more adult and aimed at working people of a certain age and so on.
  • Both adverts look quite old yet, neither of them are ‘outdated’ products, and this itself makes a further discussion point about trendsetting in advertising and also, how long and therefore ‘tried and tested’ a product is / may be or simply, is not.
  • No memo required, children discuss then do their own research.

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