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Resource Description

Afrikaans | Kleuter | Besig-Bly Boek

Aktiwiteite: (50 Bladsye)
– Instruksies
– Tel tot 10
– Pas die kleure
– Tel tot 5 wurm
– Pas die liggaamsdele
– Pas die vorms
– Volg Instruksies
– Tower Pot Speletjie
– Pas mama & baba dinosourus
– Pas prentjie met nommer
– Pas dier met kleur
– Pas prentjie met skaduwee

This product is for personal use only. NOT to be shared with others.
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Resource Reviews

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Good value for money, just wish there were more variety of activities and not so repetitive (a few of the same type eg. Colour match/counting), would have loved sequencing or pattern match to be included, maybe for a second book idea?

Cindy Blom - February 19, 2023