AFRIKAANS Stories and Phonics for every week
Variety of writing styles.
10 weeks 10 stories 10 new sounds
31 pages
The sounds I cover in my Afrikaans stories this term is: “sk-, br-, fr-,pl-, -lf, -nt, -rk, -rs, -oe-, -ie-“


Resource Description

A list of phonics words for the week and a personalized story containing the new phonics words. 31 pages. 10 weeks of phonics words and stories.Includes phonics words (flash cards) for the teacher and new vocabulary for every week. Space for learners to write the new phonics words every week and to draw the picture to explain the meaning of every word.
I used it with my Grade 3 class for First additional Language. Can be used in foundation phase for Afrikaans.
I enjoyed having a story containing my phonics words. It helps with reinforcement and kids understand the meaning of the words better.
Includes different styles of writing (story, poem, lists, sentences, diary entry)
The sounds I cover in Afrikaans this term is: “sk-, br-, fr-,pl-, -lf, -nt, -rk, -rs, -oe-, -ie-“

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