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This engaging 16 page informational booklet about Brazil is perfect for your 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade class or homeschool students as a basic country study or literacy center activity. The printable activity dives into enriching vocabulary and solidifies it with a context clue activity. Your Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grade students will get excited about diving deeper into the culture with Portuguese greetings, coloring page and a related step by step craft!

This informational booklet includes all the following information about Brazil:

– Local Greetings in Portuguese with pronunciations included

– Geographical location of Brazil

– Brazil Flag

– Capital of Brazil

– Wildlife of Brazil, such as Macaws, Piranhas and River Dolphins

– The Amazon River

– The Amazon Rainforest

– Christ Redeemer Statue

– Indigenous People of Brazil

– Traditional Brazilian Food

– Brazilian Carnival

– A map activity relating to Brazil

In this book students may also record what they have learned about Brazil on one of the options of the book covers.

This Product also includes a context clues activity that uses the underlined enriching vocabulary words in the text. Students will read the text and then use the context clues activity worksheet to further their understanding of the words in the text. An answer sheet is also included as one of the back covers of the book if desired.

To further explore the beauty of Brazil Culture there is also a step by step craft activity that relates to Brazil’s Carnival. This activity will help students use their creativity and knowledge to further understand what they have learned about Brazil.

This fun and exciting Brazil culture study can be used in so many different ways including: small group centers, multiple day culture study and geography lessons.

These activities are a must have for your students!

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