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This wonderful and FUN filled program comes with downloadable MP3 songs, PDF Activity Book, Guide Book, Lesson Plans and so much more. The program will help to prevent spelling and reading problems. Fun Letters with music Phonics Program is a successful and valuable tool used by teachers, therapists, homeschooling and many more learners development programs. This program can also be used for articulation and phonology therapy to improve awareness and discrimination between specific speech sounds. 

  • This richly filled, FUN-to-use BILINGUAL Phonics Program is also available in Afrikaans: PRETLETTERS MET MUSIEK.

Learning must be filled with fun in the Foundation Phase. It is very important for learning to take place in the early stages of a toddlers life (Grade RR and Grade R). This is a well planned program. The Fun Letter Program is a valuable tool in developing hearing awareness. Auditory processing of sounds is improved by the use of the Fun alphabet songs, rhythm and repetition of the target sound within a language context.These skills are important at school level in order to learn, read and write. 


– Helps to prevent reading and spelling problems.

– Fun activities with music.

– Rhythm and movement.

– Auditory memory.

– Visual memory.

– Concentration.

– Reasoning.

– Supportive of speech therapy

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