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This project bundle includes handouts, worksheet, lesson plans, rubrics and a PowerPoint Presentation. The project is designed to take the student on a journey through dance and its evolution over time, focusing on traditional African dance. The students are encouraged to engage in the elements of art and dance. The students will create their own mask through a series of preliminary art exercises and create their own dance routine by developing an understanding of costume, design, body percussion and movement along the way. It includes:

Youtube Video content

➢ Traditional Dogon Funeral Ceremony Dance
➢ Collagraph Print Demo 
➢ Amazing Tron Dance performed by Wrecking Crew Orchestra
➢ Step Up 3D Broken Tango Scene
➢ STOMP Crashes & Bashes into South Africa!

➢ Mother Africa Gumboot Dance

➢ THE LION KING: Introducing the Masks & Puppets Department


➢ Collagraph Mask Print Examples

➢ Self-expressive Collage Examples

➢ Body Percussion and Tempo Examples

➢ Mask Making Examples


➢The Color Wheel
➢ Primary Colors
➢Secondary Colors
➢Tertiary Colors
➢Color Schemes: Monochromatic, Analogous, Triadic, Complimentary, and Split-Complementary.
➢ Warm and Cool Colors


➢ Types of Line

➢ Meaning of Line

➢ Characteristics of Line

➢ Emotions Line evokes


➢ Types of Shape

➢ Negative and Positive Space

➢ Design with Shape


➢ Collagraph Mask Print
➢ Pattern Making
➢ Self Expression Mask Collage
➢ Mask Design

➢ Reflective questions for all

➢ Question focused on the students characters physical and personality traits

➢ Question focused on the influence of African dance and design


➢ Mask Collagraph Print
➢ Self-expressive Collage
➢ Dance Analysis Essay

➢ Group Dance Routine

➢ Mask Sculpture

Lesson Plans

➢Prior Learning


➢Learning objectives and outcomes



➢Step by step lesson instruction

➢List of planned discussion questions


➢Future lesson expansion

➢Expectation Task/Activity

➢Accommodating learners that need special attention (open space)


➢Self-Reflection on lesson design

PLEASE NOTE: This lesson plan is based on the SOUTH AFRICAN CAPS system. I have attached it as a word document to ensure adjustments can be made according to the curriculum you may follow.

This 88 page project bundle has everything you need to enjoy a 8-10 hour project. This project can be done with homework assignment to take home should you have limited time (approx. 4 one hour lessons), however it can be used over 10 one hour lessons should you prefer to cover the content in class.

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