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The unit studies are short and easy to understand. The unitary studies can be divided into different days or weeks, depending on the child’s own pace of learning. As an added bonus, I included a free Lapbook Template with 15 different lapbook styles and a colorful Mind Map Template included in the Unit Study.

Included in this unit study are :

The Basic form of Animal Life and how they differ :

– How Animals are classified
– How Classification shows Relationships
– Animals without Backbones – Invertebrates
– Pouchlike Animals
– Bilateral Animals with Heads
– Segmented Worms
– The Soft – Bodied Animals
– The Largest Group of Animals
– Spiny- Skinned Animals

Animals with Backbones :

– Notochord
– Nerve Tube

Part 2

– Introduction
– Animals move around and sense surroundings

The Variety of Animal Life :

– Animals and Outside Skeletons and feet
– Joint-Legged Animals
– How backboned animals move
– Breathing
– Reproduction
– Homes
– Defenses
– Feeding Behavoir
– Carnivores,Herbivores,Insectivores

How Animals sense the Surroundings :

– Migration and Hibernation
– Living Together in Colonies
– Intelligence
– Relationships to Humans

Also, include is free template consisting of :

Biography Notebook Page Template
Lapbook template
Mind Map Template
Cover Template
Unit Lesson plan templates
Unit Study Certificate

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