Artwork/Clipart: All artwork and clipart used are self-generated. Resemblance to actual persons or events is coincidental. Alle kunswerke en prente wat gebruik word is self gegenereer. Enige ooreenkomste met werklike persone of gebeure is toevallig.

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Introducing our versatile 12 x A5 English Classroom Rules Wall Cards (which can be printed in any desired size other than A5). These visually engaging cards highlight 12 essential classroom rules specifically curated for young learners, aimed at fostering a conducive learning environment. Crafted with careful consideration of the developmental stage and needs of young students, these rules are not only relevant but also effective in promoting positive behavior and maintaining order in the classroom. Whether displayed prominently on the walls or distributed as handouts, these cards serve as valuable tools for teachers to instill important principles of conduct and create a harmonious learning atmosphere.

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