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Resource Description


Need to spice things up in your Math Centre? Then our Counting Donuts Activity is just the spice you need! And what’s more, you can use it all year round, you dont have to wait for a special season. This is a delightful and engaging activity designed to transform basic math practice into a heartwarming adventure! This enchanting resource brings the joy of counting and addition to your classroom in a creative and visually appealing way.

Embark on a mathematical journey with our Counting Donuts Activity where students get to play with the magic of numbers and sweet, colorful donuts. Each board features a jar with adorable donuts inside. Students will not only enjoy the visual appeal of counting the donuts but also experience the excitement of adding them up!

The Benefits of incorporating the ‘BRAINZe Counting Donuts Activity’ into your lesson plans:

1.Hands-On Learning

2.Enhances Visual Stimulation.

3.Fosters Sequential Learning

4.Promotes Independent Practice

5.Versatile Integration

6.Math Skill Reinforcement

What’s Included in your Purchase:

  • 11 x Individual Boards with Colorful jars each with a number of donuts inside
  • 11 x Individual Boards with Black & White Jars each with a number of donuts inside which they can color in

Turn your math lessons into a heart-filled adventure with our Counting Donuts Activity – where learning math becomes a joyful and memorable experience. Watch as your students eagerly embrace the magic of numbers and counting, one heart at a time!

How to use the Counting Donuts Activity:

1.Print and cut your Counting Donuts Activity Boards. (to ensure longevity, you can laminate each board separately)

2.Hand each student a set number of boards

3.Each student must examine each board carefully, counting every donut inside each jar

4.Once they have counted the donuts, they then write their answer in the space provided at the bottom

5.They then move to the next board and follow the same sequence

6.Once they have counted and recorded all their items on the board they can swop them out or you can end the game.

For additional exercises students can use the black and white veresions and color them in or they can even draw and decorate their own jars with donuts inside

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