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Resource Description

Are you looking for a super fun way to practice sight word recognition with your child/class this Easter? This Easter Egg Sight Word Hunt is a great game for the whole class or an EGGstra special Literacy center for your Grade One/Grade Two class.  This resource is created for students who are just learning to read, but can be a fun activity for the whole family.

Options have been given to suit your needs.  Choose between the colour or black and white print.  A blank list and blank eggs have been provided should you wish to add your own custom words.

Simply print and cut out the Sight Word Eggs.  Decide which list/s of words you will be using and hide those words around your class/home/garden.  If the game is played as a whole class, divide your students into groups, giving each group their own list to tick off words as they find them. The first group to find all their eggs is the winner!

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