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Resource Description

Introducing the ECDgrow: Snip and Grow (Scissor and Glue Skills) with Scissor Crock for Beginners Workbooks, the perfect companion for young learners taking their first steps into the world of cutting and pasting. Designed with care and expertise, Book 1.A is tailored to guide children through the essential skill of cutting with ease and confidence.

Within the pages of Book 1.A, budding artists will discover a wealth of engaging exercises and activities crafted to nurture their scissor skills. At the heart of this workbook lies the charming Scissor Croc poem, a delightful companion that encourages children to master the art of opening and closing their scissors with precision and joy. Safety is paramount, and alongside the whimsical verse, a scissor safety poem ensures that learners understand the importance of handling their tools responsibly.

But the journey doesn’t end there. As children progress through their cutting adventures, they’ll find themselves ready to showcase their newfound talents in Book 1.B. Here, creativity knows no bounds as youngsters delve into the world of glue and pasting. Every snip finds a perfect place in this imaginative realm, where every cutout becomes a piece of art waiting to be assembled.

Book 1.B is not just a canvas for creativity; it’s a roadmap of progress. With a scissor skill checklist at hand, children can track their development, celebrating each milestone achieved along the way. And as they reach the end of their journey, certificates await, acknowledging their dedication and accomplishments.

With ECDgrow: Snip and Grow, learning becomes an adventure, and every cut is a step closer to unlocking boundless creativity. Join us on this enchanting voyage where scissors transform into magic wands, and imaginations take flight.

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