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All activities with lesson ideas for Term 1, week 5 & 6, included in this resource. Based on tried and tested activities used in my own classroom.

This resource includes:

  • Listening and speaking activity with a link to the radio advert. (PDF & Word format)
  • Reading Comprehension of an advertisement (incl. memo)
  • Writing and presenting task: learners write and perform their own radio advert (incl. checklist) (PDF & Word format)
  • Language Questions Worksheet (incl. memo) (PDF & Word format)
  • Vocabulary Worksheet – uses vocab. words from reading comp. and  descriptive words to help learners when they write their own advert (PDF & Word format).
  • Adverts terminology list
  • Bonus: Alternative questions that can be used on most advertisements & ‘Idioms & Proverbs’ worksheet

Tasks and activities meet the requirements of the adapted ATP.

The listening worksheet can be edited in order for the teacher to adapt it to any radio advert they wish to use.

Activities are based on scaffolding methods in order for learners to grasp easier concepts first and work towards harder and more challenging tasks. This resource includes notes and tips for the teacher.

Great effort and care were taken in creating this resource and is intended for a single user in their classroom only.

Happy teaching and learning!

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