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ENGLISH COMPREHENSION OR LIFE ORIENTATION. Includes Case Studies with references to real incidents which occurred worldwide.

A look at how police ‘get away with murder’ on a worldwide scale, including a mention of George Floyd, whose case went viral at the time that it happened in recent years, when a police officer ignored Floyd’s distress signals indicating that he could not breathe because the cop was leaning on his neck and cutting off his air supply.
At other times police officers can barely prove their innocence, or it can be clearly disproven, but the court systems rarely prosecute ‘their own’. This is an outcry against humanity and on humanitarian grounds, it is outright criminal when it can be proven, which in the examples given in the text, they clearly could be proven. What are governments doing about it.

Included is set of questions out of 30 marks as well as the Memorandum.

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