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Resource Description

This set includes the following:

1.  Wild Animal Flashcards (Wilde diere flitskaarte)

Set Sizes:

1. 32 x A6 flashcards with and without a boarder (16 x A6 flitskaarte met en sonder ‘n kosganger)

2. 32 x A5 flashcards with and without a boarder (16 x A5 flitskaarte met en sonder ‘n kosganger)

3. 32 x A4 wall cards with and without a boarder (16 x A4 muurkaarte met en sonder ‘n kosganger)

This product is designed to be printed on A4 paper. There are guidelines provided for easy cutting. (Hierdie produk is ontwerp om op A4-papier gedruk te word. Daar is riglyne verskaf vir maklike sny.)


1. For longer lasting flashcards and wall posters, laminate them for protection. (Vir lange blywende flitskaarte en muurplakkate lamineer dit vir beskerming.)

2. For sturdy flashcards and wall posters, print on a heavier duty paper such as 300/350gsm paper. (Vir stweige flitskaarte en muurplakkate, druk op ‘n swaarder papier soos 300/350gsm papier.)

Thank You!

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