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This product contains all the work for term 1-4 for C.A.T. Grade 10 and summaries are based on the “Study Opportunities Grade 10 Computers Part of your Life” Textbook in English, with combined & supplementary summaries from “Via Afrika” textbook & “DBE Help Guide”, grade 10 with additional notes by compiler (external party).

  • Introduction to computers:
    • Software
    • Hardware
    • File management
    • ICT in perspective
    • Comprehensive software concepts
    • Comprehensive concepts of equipment/hardware
    • The impact of ICT
  • Network and Internet Technologies:
    • Introduction to Networking
    • Basic principles of networking
    • The Internet and the www (World Wide Web)
    • Electronic communication
    • Safe use of the internet
  • Information management
    • Problem-solving strategy
    • Finding and getting information
    • Use and processing of information


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