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Resource Description

By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:


  • Define and explain the concept of power.

  • Recognize how power manifests in various contexts.

  • Understand the influence of the media on perceptions of power and masculinity.

  • Identify toxic masculinity and its impact.

  • Analyze manifestations of toxic masculinity in the workplace.

This lesson includes the following subjects:

1. The meaning of power.

2. How power manifests in different contexts.

3. Introduction to  the concepts of power relations and masculinity.

4. Historical context: Discuss how societal norms and expectations have influenced
traditional notions of power and masculinity.

5. The Influence of Media on Power and Masculinity

6. Impact on body image

7. What is toxic masculinity?

8. Examples of toxic masculinity.
9. Toxic Masculinity: Manifestations in the Workplace.

  • Also included:
  • Lesson plan
  • Teacher notes
  • Work sheets
  • Video
    And more





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