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This fun activity book is packed full of activities for term 1.

It contains the following:

Latitude and longitude on a globe.

Concept of hemisphere.

Northern and Southern hemispheres – separated by the equator.

Eastern and Western hemispheres – separated by the Greenwich Meridian and 180° longitude.

Any place on the globe is in two hemispheres – north or south and east or west.

Location of South Africa in Southern and Eastern hemispheres.

Latitude and Longitude on a map (degrees) – from a globe to a flat map Find selected countries and cities in latitude and longitude.

Concept of scale Small and large scale maps: different scales for different maps – from world maps to street maps.

Line scale Word scale.

Measure straight-line distances between cities on a South African and the world map.

Measure straight-line distances between cities on a South African and the world map.

Types of information provided in an atlas

How the information is organised on an atlas.

Own province in an atlas: What information can a map give about a province?


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