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This product can be used for your exam questions, a revision test or extension activities. It is in Word and PDF for ease of use.
(Word documents do not contain Melonheadz clipart due to copyright) This exam is also available in Afrikaans.
This paper consists of 60 marks and 14 questions. It covers content learnt in Term 1 and 2 History. Grade 6 only requires a paper to be out of 40 marks, so you can remove some of the questions (up to 20 marks). Different textbooks cover some of the topics differently, thus leaving room to customize the paper according to your needs and the content you covered in class.
There are a variety of question types, including source-based questions as required by CAPS. This paper covers the following topics (each its own question number)
Section A: An African kingdom long ago in southern Africa: Mapungubwe
1. True and false
2. The town of Mapungubwe
3. The social classes
4. The order of Mapungubwe
5. The location of the settlements
6. Mapungubwe and Great Zimbabwe
7. Marco Polo
Section B: Explorers from Europe find southern Africa
1. Multiple choice
2. Women in the Renaissance
3. The Age of Exploration
4. Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo Galilei
5. Inventions
6. Trade
7. The VOC
I didn’t use textbook activities to draw up this paper. Any similarity to an activity in a textbook is coincidental.
You may not sell, share or redistribute the contents of this examination electronically or in hard copy without my permission.

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