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This product contains all the work for Social Sciences (Geography & History) Grade 7, term 1 – based on the “Spot On” textbook in English.


  • Unit 1:  Local maps and street maps.
  • Unit 2:  Sketch maps and explain routes.
  • Unit 3:  Sketch map of local area (Project).
  • Unit 4:  Distance and Scale.
  • Unit 5:  Current events.


  • Unit 1:  Trade across the Sahara Desert.
  • Unit 2:  The Kingdom of Mali.
  • Unit 3:  The city of Timbuktu.

Packages usually include the following but may differ from product to product:

  • Overview for the term including main points, keywords and short summaries / revision.
  • Mind map per chapter / topic / term depending on the volume.
  • Extensive bulleted summaries in colour with pictures and / or photos.
  • Activities with memo answers.
  • Extra worksheets with memorandums.


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