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Grade 7 History Test and MEMO for Term1 .
The mark allocation is 50. It covers the work done in term 1 for Grade 7 History.

The following topics are covered:
Trade across the Sahara Desert
The Kingdom of Mali
The City of Timbuktu
Timbuktu as a Centre of Learning
Student resource would have been the platinum Social Science textbook, Oxford successful Social Sciences and Social Sciences today textbooks.
Test is 7 pages long and has 5 sections and 6 sources. See examples in gallery.

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Be careful

Test might be in line with the new ATP but the setting of questions are not in line , meaning at the mediation for Social Sciences, it was clearly stated that for Senior Phase History, papers should shy away from true or false questions and matching columns. Having a whole 10 marks based on matching questions will mess up the cognitive levels and it will become way too easy for the stronger learners. But thank you x

Charne Gennike - March 4, 2023