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This is a complete lesson (PowerPoint Presentation) teaching how to use inverted commas/ speech marks/ quotation marks.
Inverted commas/ speech marks are used to punctuate direct speech. They go around the words which are actually spoken.
This resource is a PowerPoint presentation which includes a full lesson’s worth of activities and teaching points for teaching children how to use inverted commas/ speech marks. The notes section also includes teaching tips, ideas and further explanations.
The presentation includes: √ Learning objective √ Three success criteria √ Starter activity (AFL) √ Teaching input – what are inverted commas and how do we use them? √ Consolidation activities – Speaking and listening, reading and writing activities √ Guided/ whole class activities √ Differentiated independent activities (3 levels) √ Apply learning – Writing Task √ Reasoning activities √ Plenary activity (AOL)
PLEASE NOTE – Please look at the ‘notes’ section of the PowerPoint for additional information about each slide. These include teaching tips, ideas and further explanations.
This lesson is also suitable for being delivered remotely through online learning with some slight adaptations. It could combine very well with platforms such as Pear Deck and Nearpod.

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