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The perfect resource to introduce logarithms to learners. It can also be used as posters in the classroom. It consists of 5 A4 pages.


  • The definition involves how we write something in exponent format and then also in log form where a>0, a is not equal to 1, and x is greater than 0.
  • We provide examples of how we can determine what the unknown is or the answer to various log questions.
  • The last four pages cover each of the laws with an appropriate example.

It is also a good source for learners to revise with. You can even use this with the introduction of logarithms to students for the first time. You can provide learners with these and then some questions for them to solve. The students can then brainstorm in a group by using these notes on how to solve the questions. This way they find the answer themselves and will also remember it better.

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