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Overview: Grade 7  EMS (Economic Management Sciences), Total Marks: 50

Type: Individual and group project


Section A – Elevator Pitch (Group, 10 Marks)

– Create a 60-second elevator pitch for your business idea.

– Criteria: Clarity, content, passion, and preparation.


Section B – Market Research (Individual, 9 Marks)

– Perform market research to understand your industry and target market.

– Create a questionnaire with a minimum of six questions.

– Criteria: Clarity, wordiness, and meeting the brief.


Section C – Costing (Individual, 11 Marks)

– Calculate the cost of producing an item.

– Example provided: Calculate the cost of muffins with a given recipe and prices.

– Criteria: Cost calculation accuracy and cost per unit.


Section D – Advert (Group, 10 Marks)

– Create a poster to advertise your product.

– Include product name, price, sale details, and seller information.

– Criteria: Required elements, labels, graphics relevance, attractiveness, and grammar.


Section E – Income and Expenditure Statement (Individual, 10 Marks)

– Complete an income and expenditure statement to determine profit or loss.

– Criteria: Accuracy and completeness of the statement.

This structured project aims to teach students various aspects of entrepreneurship, from pitching an idea to managing finances, conducting market research, and creating effective advertisements.

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