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Resource Description

I truly believe that the best results starts with good organization, for a learner the first thing to do, to set themselves up for success is to get their books/ files organized. In the PDF print file you will find:

  •   6 A4 size topic specific file dividers and
  •   6 A4 size topic specific book covers
  •   2 paper specific A4 size file dividers and
  •   2 A4 size paper specific book covers
  •   1 A4 size Index page


Suggestions on how to use this resource.

Mathematical Literacy Question Papers are topic specific. To ensure that your learner and or child knows what topics is covered in each paper use these file dividers to get their file in shipshape. Use the index page I have included to get your file in order. I recommend that if you are in grade 10 and just starting with this subject keep all your notes and question papers it will come in handy once you reach grade 11 and 12.

Your learner/ Childs notebook/ books. To ensure consistency I would recommend that you do one of the following (a) the six-college exercise book system where every topic has its own book. or (b) two 3 quire hardcover books divided into subsections covered in the specific paper.

Resource Reviews

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Success = Structure

Fantastic resource, great animations... Will provide proper structure for your child to take responsibility of his/her education. Well done Essie aka Coach!

Jaen Pieters - November 24, 2023

Thank you for the amazing review I appreciate it immensely. Have a blessed day.

Esterlene Jaggers - November 30, -0001