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Resource Description

Crossing the midline is an important skill for children to master. It not only impacts their movement but also their handwriting and planning skills.

This lesson plan includes three stations, as well as warm-up and cool-down activities. Each station practices similar skills in different ways. Each station has a description and small diagrams for the setup of the station.

Warm-up: Traffic light game used to encourage students to move around.

Station one: encourages working in pairs and taking turns as well as crossing the midline.

Station two: students practice planning skills and depth perception as they jump through a ladder on the ground

Station three: uses a beanbag to practice crossing the midline

Cool-down: incorporates Mathematics through stretching like a shape

The lesson plan includes a rubric for assessment. There is also a printer-friendly assessment sheet that can be used to record the assessment.

Resource Reviews

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It is exacly what i needed to assist my learners's development

Masentle Heyns - January 23, 2023

I am so glad this resource will assist your learners :) My children loved the different activities and I'm sure yours will too!

Olivia Felton - November 30, -0001