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Resource Description

Whether you are looking for a no-prep, fun way to reinforce letters as your child/student learns them, or you are simply looking for a quiet educational activity for your children for the holidays, this Printable Alphabet Colouring Book is perfect for your Preschool, Grade 1 or ESL students, while strengthening fine motor skills at the same time.  

This printable is also a great print and go option for the end of the year or a quick and quiet literacy center.

Each page has both upper and lower case of each letter at the top that can be traced or coloured.  There is also a label for each colouring picture at the bottom of the page to enrich vocabulary and can also be traced.  Print all the pages and combine them into an A-Z colouring book, or print a letter a week to reinforce each letter as your child/student is learning them.


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