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Every two cards have exactly one animal image in common. Can you find it?

There are multiple ways of playing this game. Be creative and have fun!

How to Play:

Game 1: Beginners game (Easy Rules)
I recommend starting with this game for kids that have never played before.
Object of the game is to win the most pairs of cards!
• Deal 2 cards from the deck face up and look at the words on both cards.
• The first person to find the matching word says the word to win the 2 cards.
• Continue dealing 2 cards face up each time until all the cards are used.

Game 2: Grab it!
Object of the game is to win the most cards!
• Place the deck face down in the center.
• Deal each player one card face up
• Turn over the top card from the deck.
• The first person to shout out a sight word that is both on their card and the deck card wins that card from the deck, this card is then placed over their original card (so they can only see the new card).
• The next card in the deck is now turned over and play continues till all the cards are used.
• The winner is the person with the most cards.

Game 3: Stack it!
Object of the game is to get rid of all your cards to the center pile!
• Deal an equal amount of cards to each player face up, the last card is placed in the center also face up.
• Now the fun starts all players must try to match a word with the card in the center and their own top card.
• Each time a player matches a word they stack their card on top of the center card pile.
• The game ends when one player has stacked all their cards

Game 4: Give it!
Object of the game is to give your card to a friend fast and don t be last!
• Deal one card to each player face down.
• Each player takes the card and on a count of 1 2 3 flips the card over face up into their open hand so all players can see.
• Quickly players find a matching word on another players card and places their card(s) on top of the other players card(s).
• The round ends when one player is left holding all the cards. That player will keep the cards to be counted at the end of the game.
• Everyone gets a new card from the dealer for the next round and play continues until all the cards are used. The player with the least cards is the winner.

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