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Download The Scientific Methods Resources COMBO. That includes 9 x PDFs that cover the following:

1) Detailed Teacher Guide on how to teach The Scientific Method (Receive it in Afrikaans & English)

2) The Scientific Method lesson plans (Afrikaans & English)

3) The Scientific Method Worksheets (Afrikaans & English) – which include:

* The Scientific Method basics.

      * Drawing Scientific Drawings and HOW to label correctly.

      * Practice identifying variables.

      * Step by Step worksheet recording your progress and observations while conducting an investigation.

      * Handouts with a Scientific Method example to easily cut and paste into your learner’s workbooks.

4) Answer Keys to all the Worksheets (Afrikaans & English)

BONUS! Get the infographic posters A3 (3 different display options) PLUS Free A3 & A4 Scientific Method Posters! Choose from four different styles!

**ALL in one download COMBO!**

These resources are also available to download separately on our Teacha Page.

This resource is designed with so much care and detail by the amazing Juffrou Anri on our Creative Team, designed by a teacher for a teacher! Watch this space for more resources on The Scientific Method and follow our Teacha page for more freebies.

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