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By using these colorful and cute verb flashcards you make the targeted vocabulary more concrete and understandable for Speech Therapy, Autism, Special Education, ESL, and first additional language students. Verb Flashcards are used to develop your students’ proficiency in receptive and expressive languages. The images used in these flashcards make them suitable for all ages.

This Flashcard Pack includes 35 verbs. You can also cut these flashcards into sections to create a word-matching game, the possibilities are endless.

The flashcards are 3 x 5 inches in size, which makes them the perfect size for younger learners. I recommend that you use cardboard paper and laminate them for a top-quality product that will last a long time!

Verbs included in these flashcards are:
Cry, Break, Build, Buy, Cough, Dance, Draw, Drink, Walk, Open, Close, Talk, Watch, Listen, Wash, Clean, Smile, Laugh, Stop, Eat, Take, Give, Write, Sing, Sit, Stand, Sleep, Bath, Cut, Hit, Run, Jump, Play, Catch, and Read.

I would like to hear from you, maybe you have a verb that you would like me to include. Let me know by commenting or visiting my Facebook page. 

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