Dear WackyTeachers,

The WackyNIx Teacher Binder has been updated for the year 2020!
I know you have all been waiting patiently, and I appreciate every minute of it!

So whats new? Well there is now a coloured page for each of the forms and ten new covers.
I really hope you enjoy and like the updates. Let me know your thoughts on email, facebook and Instagram. We appreciate your inputs.


Resource Description

This binder was made for teachers who wants to be organised and don’t always need every page in a printed book. Now you can edit and print the pages you will need.

FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE! You can print or keep your documents digital. This binder is totally editable and can be customised!

Save money by not having to buy a new planner every year! The covers are can be changed every year for variety.

Updates take place every December.
Here is what is included:
1. The year at a glance
2. Monthly planners
3. Class birthdays
4. Daily schedule
5. My to-do list
6. Peek of the week
7. Weekly lesson plans
8. Today’s plan
9. Small group lessons
10. Password keeper
11. Class list
12. Reading groups
13. Math groups
14. Student information
15. Attendance
16. Student behavior log
17. Student data
18. Parent contact list
19. Parent communication
20. Meeting notes
21. Observations
22. Marks
23. Stickers
24. Covers

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