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Weekly Behaviour Chart


This resource contains 16 pages:

Page 1 – Cover Page

Page 2-14 – Sheets for January to December

Page 15-16 –  Ribbon recognition for the Most Behaved and those that demonstrated good behavior in class


Benefits of having a Weekly Behaviour Chart in your classroom:

Behaviour Management: It helps teachers track and manage student behaviour on a consistent basis. By monitoring behaviour patterns over the week, teachers can identify areas of concern and address them promptly.

Accountability: It holds students accountable for their behaviour by providing a visual representation of their actions throughout the week. Students are aware that their behaviour is being monitored, which can encourage them to make better choices.

Goal Setting: It allows teachers and students to set behavioural goals and work towards achieving them. Students can strive to earn positive marks on the chart by demonstrating desired behaviours, fostering a sense of responsibility and self-regulation.

Positive Reinforcement: It provides opportunities for positive reinforcement and recognition. Students who consistently exhibit positive behaviour can be rewarded, which reinforces those behaviours and motivates others to follow suit.


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