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Solid Source Based Task

Compliments to the author. This is an good resource. Thank you!

Jess W- January 17, 2024 Black Consciousness Source-Based Test

Pricey for Average Quality

I was hesitant to purchase from this store, as I have bought a resource in the past that was sub-standard. Unfortunately, the quality of this resource is also inadequate. Most major Cold War events have been noted, but very little relevant detail is provided, if any. I was optimistic, but I'm disappointed with this purchase. I would say this is more of a summary than a comprehensive set of notes (as advertised). I would not recommend this resource to an IEB History teacher. I also feel it is overpriced.

Jess W- January 17, 2024 Origins of the Cold War notes

Disappointing - only 1 page

This resource is advertised as have 8 pages, and only comes with a single page of questions, as in the preview. This is not only misleading, but it is FALSE advertising.

Hugely disappointed!

Jess W- November 22, 2023 Anglo-Zulu war Source-based Exercise