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  • Mimi&Me is where you will find resources suitable for
    young children learning to read,
    English Second Language students,
    and students with Special Educational Needs.

    All resources are printable on A4 paper, black and white only.

    All rights reserved. Fair use: copies are allowed for educational and non-commercial use.

    As a Special Needs teacher, it was hard to find enough reading material at a basic level.
    I always had to jump from one reading series to another without continuity in building vocabulary.

    ‘my own’ reading series:
    • enjoy reading about Mika and her family
    • with plenty of practice at a basic level
    • with a progressive storyline
    • focusing on a child’s environment and growing interaction with people
    • learning a few new words with each book
    • building up a controlled list of vocabulary

    Collect the series until you have a rainbow of stories.
    – Each color-coded Reading Book is in the format of a coloring-in book allowing learners to personalise their booklet.
    – Each color-coded Workbook has activities related to the story and a list of new words learned.
    – Teacher resource: flashcards: cut out

    Also available:
    Teacher resource: wall charts
    – alphabet aA – zZ (junior font lined)
    – numbers 1 – 20
    – colours
    – shapes (2D and basic 3D)

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