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Some of the best posters I've seen by far. Very informative and brings your class notice board together.

Claudia Cahill- January 17, 2024 History poster set for grade 5

Moon Features

Lovely graphics and good, informative summary of content.

Ellzie & Kit- November 7, 2023 NST worksheet – Features of the Moon (grade 4)

Moon Phases

A lovely resource. I laminated the worksheet and turned it into a playdough mat. Learners were required to mould the moon as it appears during each phase.

Ellzie & Kit- November 7, 2023 NST – Phases of the moon worksheet

Parts of Speech

Absolutely Brilliant!

Carin Styles- January 26, 2023 Parts of speech – quick summary

Great idea

Look forward to using this reward chart in my classroom.

Melinda Niepage- December 19, 2022 Protea themed reward chart

Figures of speech - QUICK SUMMARY

Nadia Van Wyk- September 16, 2022 Figures of speech – QUICK SUMMARY