Australian Curriculum Science resources

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Empower your students by developing their scientific knowledge and making sure they are equipped to make informed decisions about the world around them. This collection contains a range of Australian Curriculum Science resources that are aimed at helping your students understand the basic concepts of Science.

Volume Practical Investigation Stations for STEM Term 3


Have you noticed that your students can solve routine problems involving volume but they struggle when you give them something different? Are you wanting to introduce or build their understanding of volume through problem-solving? These 5 practical stations give students the space to explore and problem-solve. Using them, they will explore concepts like the fact that objects have volume, they will divide volumes and they will solve non-routine problems related to volume. And in so doing, your students will learn. Not just facts and routines, but to think and problem solve no matter the situation. And they will internalise that they can do hard things in the process. What you get: 5 core station scenario cards that: Are labelled with symbols rather than numbers to make it easier for you to mix and match Are differentiated. Each station has two versions: an easier and more challenging version. The more challenging version is identified by a star in the symbol. Include a problem scenario for each station and provide a list of required resources. Station labels: These can be printed and folded along the line to label each station when set up. Student pack containing: A sheet for every station for students to record their thinking, including an outline of the problem scenario. Bonus: two worksheets in addition to the stations for some routine problem-solving practice, including: ordering volumes from smallest to largest; specifying a unit of measurement; reading volume on a beaker and 4 word-problems involving volume in the different operations. Teacher Guide explaining: Exactly how to set up the stations, what resources you will need, what the core skills are and how students can problem solve. You will also get an answer key for the routine problem-solving worksheets. **Check out the preview for an example station**