Classroom décor resources


Your classroom should be warm and inviting. Yes, too much decoration can be distracting to learning but equally so, too little decor can create an unstimulating and lifeless environment. These classroom décor resources will brighten up your classroom and create a fun and engaging environment.

Now, don’t go ahead and cover every square inch of your classroom walls! We are looking for a happy compromise here. Do reserve some wall space for your learners’ work as this makes them feel proud and valued, and it also creates a sense of community. Decorations that enhance what you are teaching provides an opportunity for passive absorption of information.

Nobody likes to be surrounded by blank walls. Use these fabulous resources as inspiration and get your learners involved. Ask them what they would like to see up on the walls, apart from what you have chosen, of course! Let them know that the walls are ‘our’ walls and include some of their ideas.

Brighten up your classroom – find more classroom décor here.